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Face Shields

Playing our part in the fight against COVID-19

During this Coronavirus pandemic Good Directions Ltd have stopped their normal manufacturing and are making face shields for NHS staff and key workers and are distributing them for free across the South of England. Working in conjunction with a community group in Portsmouth who fund raised for the initial batch of material, and three other manufacturers we have produced and distributed over 6,000 face shields to Hampshire Police, NHS Hospitals, Care Homes, Pharmacies, Veterinary Practices and Doctors Surgeries.

Thanks to the generosity of Robin and Trish Davies, owners of Good Directions Ltd, who have donated a 200kg roll of 0.5mm PET material, we have been able to continue the manufacture of face shields for FREE, with a further 3000 being distributed.

How can you help?

We are running out of material fast and as such we are trying to raise funds to buy enough material to manufacture a further 6000 face shields and deliver them as soon as possible. We are asking for your support so that we can continue to help protect these amazing people who are continuing to work through these unprecedented times. They are desperate for these masks and we are delivering hundreds a day but need help to keep going.

Thank you for your support.

Assembly Video

The face shields are a two piece design laser cut in 0.5mm to 1.0mm PET or PETG material, that requires no other components, is light weight, easy to assemble and simple to keep clean.

Cleaning Guide

Please accept this as advice only - we recommended that you undertake your own due diligence to ensure the face shields are adequately disinfected or sterilized.

Due to COVID-19 being a new enveloped virus, the efficacy of the standard decontamination methods such as those listed below are not fully understood at this stage. However, at present, this knowledge offers the best available approach.

Always use appropriate PPE when handling decontamination fluids, chemicals and equipment and refer to the associated handling advice, warnings and COSHH data sheets of any cleaning products.

Before you apply any disinfection solution, we advise trialing it first near one edge of the visor and inspecting whether the solution has caused damage to the surface of the visor.

Hospitals and other medical workplaces can use their professional sterilizing equipment to decontaminate the face shields. Again, we advise sterilizing a single visor using the chosen method followed by a thorough check for possible damage.

Where possible it is highly recommended to submerge the shield parts into disinfection solutions, this will ensure the solution reaches 100% of the surface. You can also use aerosol (spray) but apply the procedure at least twice to reach as much of the surface as possible. Disinfectant and sporicidal wipes are acceptable, but again ensure that you effectively clean all surfaces of the face shield.

Most of the solutions will evaporate after several minutes. You can remove the remains using a paper towel. Avoid using the same towel on multiple shields, avoid cross-contamination and always wipe in one direction.

Please download our full cleaning guide for more information on the chemicals and processes that can and cant be used.

Production Photos and Happy Users

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