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Good Directions started importing copper guttering from Italy in the early 90's. Due to increased demand, the need for an easier fixing method and improved quality, we started producing our own Copper Guttering under the Trade Mark of Coppa Gutta in July 2002, making us the only UK manufacturer of copper rainwater systems. Nearly 20 years later and we are still the only UK manufacturer and the leading UK distributor for Copper Guttering. We are proud of the fact that our products are now shipped all over the world.

In 2015 we changed the brand name to Metal Gutta as we introduced Natural Zinc Guttering and Stainless Steel Guttering systems to our ranges, for those after a different finish and colour to that of copper. Both of these materials offer material life expectancies far greater than those of Cast Iron Guttering, Aluminium Guttering, Steel Guttering and Plastic Guttering and as with our Copper Guttering there is no painting required. See our frequently asked questions section on our main website for more information.

We have now also added a range of pre-weathered Quartz Zinc Guttering and associated rainwater components.

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